Fall on Purpose at State Theatre

Kyle Fleming Photography_Fall_On_Purpose-State Theatre

As a photographer, I am often presented with challenging lighting situations where I have to use leaned skills to capture the photos. As you read back in April, I photographed the Gaparilla Fashion show. My next challenge involved another new area of photography for me; band photography. The group, Fall on Purpose, performs all over … Read more

Up, Up, and away – Aerial Photography

Albert Whitted Airport

Last weekend I got the chance to go out with my friend, Bobby Quinn, who is a pilot and a photographer. Like me, he does photography, but not at ground level, but rather at distances of 800 feet or greater from his target. He is an aerial photographer and owner of JetJocks Aerial Photography. It … Read more

Gasparilla Fashion Week

Over the weekend I had the unique opportunity to photograph a local fashion show, “Gasparilla Fashion Week: Presents Infinite Reality”, in Tampa, Florida at The Kennedy. This was sure a challenging opportunity for me to work on my photography skills in low light as flash was not permitted. This show consisted of 4 different designers … Read more