The Historic YMCA, St. Petersburg, Florida

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Historic YMCA building in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. This building has so much rich history and character that a group of individuals have been trying to raise funds to Save, Restore and Maintain the local landmark.  This group is the Historic St. Pete Inc which was formed … Read more

Up, Up, and away – Aerial Photography

Albert Whitted Airport

Last weekend I got the chance to go out with my friend, Bobby Quinn, who is a pilot and a photographer. Like me, he does photography, but not at ground level, but rather at distances of 800 feet or greater from his target. He is an aerial photographer and owner of JetJocks Aerial Photography. It … Read more

Gone in 10 seconds!

  Gone in 10 seconds! It’s pretty fascinating how something can be changed in such a short amount of time. Photography helps to capture a moment in time, or in this case 50 years of a local landmark. When I heard that the power plant smokestacks were slated for demolition, I knew I had to … Read more