Professional Portraits in Tampa, Florida

Taking professional portraits and headshots is what we do. I work with a variety of professionals, including lawyers, accountants, engineers, and real estate agents just to name a few, capturing the perfect headshot for their needs. Whether it’s at their offices or during conferences, I ensure each session is tailored to the individual and the company who is hiring me.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit local Tampa law firms to photograph their attorneys and staff. Coordinating these sessions can be a challenge due to the busy schedules of legal professionals. For one of their offices, it required two visits to capture new and updated portraits for the firm’s attorneys. For these sessions, I chose to shoot tethered, a method I frequently use. This allowed the attorneys to review and select their favorite poses for retouching on the spot.

Fortunately, the firm’s conference room was spacious enough to accommodate my full setup, allowing me to use my equipment to achieve the best results. In smaller spaces, I often have to adapt and use a more limited setup.

I hope the attorneys are pleased with their new portraits! Book your headshot appointment today!