Topping Off Ceremony at Moxy St. Petersburg downtown

In the heart of St. Petersburg, history was made as the final beam was ceremoniously placed atop the Moxy St. Petersburg Downtown, marking the completion of a significant phase in the city’s skyline. Though I didn’t get to capture the final beam being placed top of the Moxy, I had the privilege of capturing the ceremony which occurred a few days after the occasion. Ther was a lot of emotions, smiles, and proud gestures during the topping-off ceremony. And in attendance? None other than the esteemed Mayor of St. Pete, Ken Welch, alongside the dedicated construction workers who brought this vision to life.

Mayor Ken Welch graced the ceremony with his presence, underscoring the significance of this event for the city. Hotels are needed for the growing Downtown St. Pere area. The hotel is situated in the growing St. Pete EDGE District with Storyn Studio as the lead architect for the hotel project. My cameras were poised to capture every moment, from the Mayor’s inspiring speech to the genuine interactions with the construction team – a testament to the unity and community spirit that defines St. Petersburg.

At Kyle Fleming Photography, our mission is to not just capture images but to tell a story. We approached the topping-off ceremony with a blend of documentary-style photography and artistic flair. Candid shots of Mayor Ken Welch engaging with the crowd, construction workers sharing high-fives – each photograph aimed to encapsulate the spirit of the event.

The topping-off ceremony at Moxy St. Petersburg Downtown was a celebration of innovation, community, and the tireless efforts of those who contribute to the city’s growth. Mayor Ken Welch’s presence and the dedication of the construction workers elevated the event to a level of significance that will be remembered for years to come. I take pride in my role as storytellers and love capturing the story of the event.