Three Magical Worlds Collide – Museum of Fine Art – St. Pete

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Three Magical Worlds Collide

 This past week Museum of Fine Arts – St. Petersburg hosted the third annual spectacular showcase of Fine Art, Fashion, and Photography. It was a great event produced by Aylen Suarez of Nu SoBel  How did these three worlds collide – by the artist showcasing their art in their various mediums. Fashion designer Mellisa Dolce had live models wearing her creations throughout the evening as so did designer Lina Teixeria. Lina brought her fashion live to another level by two of her models performing the Waltz throughout the evening. It was sure a great event and happy to attend.

Participating artists for the evening include:[ezcol_1third]Eileen Goldenberg
Anna Kotlova
Lina Teixeira
Heather Brand
Melissa K Dolce
Ungala[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Ivanka Ska
Leandro Gongora
Vincent Antonio DeMarco
Scott Menaul
Mico Pro
Miguel Lopez Gonzalez[/ezcol_1third]Yosed Torres
Michele Beckman Tuegel
Xina Scuderi
Antonio Nieves
Alex Rios


Take a look at some of the evening photos.

Fine Art Photographer Xina Scuderi (right) at her table in the Conservatory