Dunedin Fine Art Center – Wearable Art 10

The Dunedin Fine Art Center Wearable Art X was such a blast. The show featured 9 professional artist and was held at their Dunedin Fine Arts Center. This was there 10th year and a complete sold-out with standing room only. This year also featured two student designers.

  • Melissa Dolce
  • Mark Byrne – aka Mark the Balloon Guy
  • Neva “The Diva” Durham,
  • Alice Ferrulo
  • The Garden Fairies
  • Julian Hartzog
  • Johnson Hunt
  • Lina Teixeira – her collection entitled “Natura”
  • Rogerio Martinn

Check out some of the artist creations:

Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_Opening_5346


Master of Ceremonies

Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_Opening_5316


Nicki E. Hill

Nicki E. Hill

Designer: Julian Hartzog

Kyle Fleming Photography_Wearable Art


Model: Emily Greer

Designer: Alice Ferrulo

Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_Student_5364

A student creation


Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_Mark Byrne_6505

Mark Byrne – aka Mark the Balloon Guy

“Devil and Angel”


Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_Mark Byrne_6369

Jackie Torma

Mark Byrne – aka Mark the Balloon Guy

“Poddle Skirt & Monster Croc

Zoe Thomas Lina Teixeira

Zoe Thomas wearing Lina Teixeira

Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_Lina Teixeira_6126

Model: Bianca Perserchino

Designer: Lina Teixeira

Lina Teixeira

 Olsiny Perez wearing Lina Teixeira

Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_Garden_6665

“The Garden Fairies”


Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_BTS_6991

After party fun


Kyle Fleming Photography_WearableArt_BTS_5297


Behind the Scenes – Rogerio Martinn getting the final touch


Kyle Fleming Photography_Wearable Art X

“50’s Space Girl”

Mark Byrne – aka Mark the Balloon Guy


Kyle Fleming Photography_Dolce_5444

Melissa Dolce Designs

Kyle Fleming Photography_Dolce_5401

Melissa Dolce Designs

Kyle Fleming Photography Amanda Mae Gray

Amanda Mae Gray wearing Rogerio Martinn

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  1. I LOVE the picture you took of Rogerio putting the final touch on my dress! I would love to buy that one. 🙂

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