Campus Movie Fest – Tampa Bay Event and Commercial Photography

I was back at Campus Movie Fest this year – my 3rd year covering the series of events in the Tampa Bay area. This year I was their photographer for all 3 area college campuses: University of Tampa, University of South Florida and University of South Florida – St. Pete Campus. It was a busy time for me as there was a total of 6 events scheduled within a month. Shooting their events with all my clients work made me very busy.

I love photographing corporate events like the Campus Movie Fest events. As a corporate photographer shooting these events require me to get their branding images. These events are also fun because I get to connect with the student who are inspiring film makers. CMF is sponsored by Panasonic, Adobe, Amazon Prime, and Disney to name a few. My role as the photographer is to not only capture the students but also photograph for their commercial advertisers.

When I photograph these events I also bring two cameras with me. One of my new favorite lenses is the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 lens. That lens has amazing low light capabilities.
I had a great time this year documenting the film festival and providing event photography to Campus Movie Fest and to the students at University of Tampa and University of South Florida campuses.

Check out these photos below!