Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston at ProCamps youth football Camp

As a professional photographer I am also called upon to photograph and cover events in the Tampa Bay area. In March, in St. Pete, I cover the St. Pete Grand Prix. Earlier this month, I was called by Pro Pics which is a nationwide photographic company that photographs sport league events and the exclusive photographer for ProCamps. The photographs are then provided and sold to the attendees and used by ProCamps for marketing. Pro Pics, being a nationwide company, often calls on local photographers to work for them for the day.

This Pro Camp featured Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ starting quarterback Jameis Winston. It was pretty cool following him around for the 2 day weekend event and watching him interact with the campers. The campers at this event range in ages from 5-14 years old and are both girls and boys. The local Special Olympics were also invited which were there with other campers. Following Winston around for the day was fun, and I could tell that he really enjoyed interacting with his young fans.
I had a great time at Pro Camps. Much of my time was in the Bucs indoor training facility at One Buc Place which was welcomed as I got to stay away from the Florida heat. I hope to work with Pro Pics and Pro Camps in the future. Check out these photographs!

Kyle Fleming Photography - Tampa Bay Bucannerers Jameis Winston Pro Camps

Kyle Fleming Photography - Jameis Winston Pro Camps


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Event Photography Jameis Winston Pro Camps

Jameis Winston Pro Camp

Kyle Fleming Photography - Citi Private Pass Jameis Winston Pro Camps

Kyle Fleming Photography - TB Bucs Jameis Winston Pro Camp

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