Fashion Show Photography

Believe it or not, there is a fashion industry here in the Tampa Bay area. If you have followed my blog, I have photographed three fashion shows this year. As a photographer, in addition to family photography and high school senior portraits, I really enjoy photographing fashion and the shows that come with it where the designers showcase their work.  This weekend and next month I will be photographing two fashion shows in the area.


You may not realize, but there is a lot of fashion photography skills that comes in play with any type of photography including lifestyle family photography, and high school senior portraits. One is that fashion shows are extremely fast paced and require you to shoot in low light environments, the other is that the fashion that the model wears as well as the pose of the model really makes a great photograph. This is especially true with High School Senior Portraits as seniors today are heavily influenced by the styles worn as well as expressed by the most current stars of television music, and magazines.


Also fashion show photography is an event, just like any event that I shoot. When I attend fashion shows, I not only photograph the runway, but I also capture the story of the event.  So when I go, I always capture the behind-the-scenes footage and the attendees.


Back to the shows, one of the fashion shows that’s coming up is Wearable Art 8 which is put on by the Dunedin Fine Art Center. I’m really excited for this year’s show because it is put on to a sellout crowd of 850 attendees and has been voted a Best Fashion Show in Tampa Bay for four years. The year’s fashion show is sure to be unique. Just take the words from Meg Huntley, the center’s Events Director who recently located from City of Angels, “Everyone is joking that I’ll be bringing a little L.A. bling to the show.”  With that said, I guess I should find some “bling” to wear if I am going to fit in.


Wearable Art * will present:

Rocky & Kathleen Bridges
Johnny Hunt
Mark Byrne
Scott Durfee & George Medeiros
Michael Della Penna
Rogerio Martins


This 8th Annual Wearable Art Fashion Show is on Saturday, August 11th 2012 at the Dunedin Fine Art Center starting at 7PM.


Kyle Fleming Photography - Jessica Lytle

Update: Here is a photo of Jessica Lytle on stage wearing Rogerio Martins

The other fashion show that I have a press pass for is St. Pete Art and Fashion Week which is a series of art & runway fashion shows presented once a year starting on September 10th in St. Petersburg, Florida. This show will benefit the Children’s Dream Fund. This show is more your typical fashion show, but rest assured, the designers will be showcasing some unique collections. St. Pete Art & Fashion week is put on my Luxe Fashion Group which is the same event company that put on Swim 2012 which I attended in June. I am happy to say that I was welcome to this show with another press pass!



The participating designers are:

           Helen Gerro
Naomi McGregor
Jewel Shannon
Elizabeth Carson Racker


The Main Event Runway & Art Show is on Saturday September 15th at One Progress Plaza