1st Birthday Cake Smash

Lifestyle Family Photography is something that I love to photograph. Photographing a cake smash was for sure no exception. Include a birthday party where 20 of your friends come over just adds to the excitement to a child’s milestone 1st birthday.

Meet Jesse, a very happy 1 year old! Jesse’s photo session was a multi-location and day photography session. The first of which was at Madeira Beach, Florida where Jesse enjoyed some Florida sunshine.

You can watch the “cake smash” photo session here:

[videoembed type=”youtube” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″ height=”360″ url=”http://youtu.be/hUfzWiTHceo” id=”0″]


1st Birthday sunset photography


He really did not like the birthday crown very much because as soon as we put it on, he tried to take it off.


1st Birthday Smash Cake photo session


After the beach photography session was over Jesse enjoyed a cake smash. Surprisingly, Jesse was not sure what to do with the smash cake. His mom had to encourage him make a mess. It was so much fun and messy!


Birthday Balloons child's birthday


1st Birthday Baby Cake Smash

The cake here got a little more messy thanks to mom’s help.


1st Birthday Smash Cake photo session


After the cake smash session was over, Jesse was ready for his big day, the party! The celebration wouldn’t be complete without a three tier birthday cake. Jesse is very fortunate as his mother is an accomplished baker. Wow now that’s a birthday cake!


Wedding Style Birthday cake 3 tier



Cake Smash

 If a birthday cake was not sweet enough, Jesse had 1st Birthday Candy Bars. Yummy!



A 1st Birthday Party wouldn’t be complete without presents specially big boxes that don’t have clothes in them. Little boys want trucks not onesies!



Lastly Jesse is just being a one year old and enjoying anything he can get his hands on! I do mean anything.


Cake Smash Birthday Boy


Jesse is ultra special as he got to enjoy cake twice for his birthday. The second time around he was a little more familiar on what to do with the smash cake as you can see in the photo below.


I am glad I was part of his special B-day and Jesse is the best model ever!!!