Aesthetic Skin Studio Gives Back!

Aesthetic Skin Studio invited the teen girls from the Children’s Cancer Center to an evening of luxury. The girls sure loved the “Rodeo Drive” experience the studio offered. It was a great evening and the girls left feeling their best.

The  Children’s Cancer Center is located in Tampa, Florida that helps children and families cope with cancer and other chronic blood disorders  As a childhood cancer survivor, I visited the center while undergoing treatment and had great experiences there.  It was great to capture these fleeting moments as the children were treated to a night out on the town!

Take a look at the slideshow video!



Kyle-Fleming-Photography_Aesthetic Skin Studios


Kyle-Fleming-Photography_Aesthetic Skin Studio lobby


Kyle-Fleming-Photography_Aesthetic Skin

Almost every color under the rainbow


Kyle-Fleming-Photography_Childrens Cancer Center

Kid’s should fly kites not fight cancer


Kyle Fleming Photography_-_Tampa Photography



One of the things I always try to do is make a fun group shot.

Kyle-Fleming-Photography_Event Aesthetic Skin


Often it’s these moments that I love to capture.