Stetson Barrister Ball 2018 – Havana Nights at Tradewinds Island Resort

I had the honor of being Stetson Law School’s Barrister Ball event photographer for the 2nd year. This year’s Ball, which is like your High School Prom, was held at the prestigious Tradewinds Island Resort in St. Pete Beach. Last years ball was on the Yacht Starship, themed “Big Top at Sea” was equally as exciting – taking a cruise out on the water!

The theme this year was “Havana Nights” and having it Tradewinds’ large ball room was so much fun. Like last year, Stetson had me return with the Open Air Photo Booth and the students and attendees loved all the props especially the law school themed ones. Students love their Barrister Balls – it gives the students some time to depress, take a break from studying, and have fun. Law school is stressful.

Thank you Stetson Law for having Kyle Fleming Photography back at your Barrister Ball and thank you Xina, and Carmen for your hard work this evening making this event spectacular. I can’t wait to hear about next year’s prom!