Meet Hana Young

Meet Hana Young! Hana is an experienced model who has done many commercial and lifestyle photo shoots and is not afraid of modeling on Live TV on the Home Shopping Network. For this shoot, Hana requested photos that she can take to commercial castings and was looking for a clean look. For this, we deiced on a plain white background so that it does not distract from her qualities as a model.


Hana makes my days as a photographer fun and she takes direction well which comes from years of experience. This photoshoot was not the first time I worked with her; the first being a lookbook catalog shoot for Diana’s Tropical Wear I did a few months ago. You may have even seen her in some of my runway work as I have photographed her on many runways – the latest being Christian Fashion Week  so be sure to check out those photos.


I wish Hana the best of luck in her modeling career and I will catch you on HSN. Now check out these captures.











When I Hana to do the “faces of Hana” she didn’t need much direction at all – unless she really was annoyed at me… I better ask her.