Today’s post is brought to you by Xina Scuderi. Xina is often my trusted photographer at the Photo Booths as I manage the printing or I roam the event capturing traditional event photography.

We had such a successful holiday season this year. Thank you to all our clients for calling us. We had so much fun working your events. We love to work holiday events because it’s such a precious time for families and loved ones to get together looking their best.

This year we booked several photobooth sessions. Every one of our photobooths are different. We contribute our creative input in our clients image when it comes to background and setup. This year all of our clients wanted to go premium with on-site photobooth printing. Prints pop out of the printer in 8 seconds. We put the prints in either an envelope, a presentation card, or a frame depending on our clients project. When event guests see those prints pop out that fast and land into their hand they can’t believe how fast and at what quality we produce those prints. This premium service of on-site printing photobooth makes an event unforgettable.

Walsh & Associates Photobooth @ The Founder’s Club Sarasota

This was our 4th year working this annual holiday event. When you get into this many years with a client, guests are happy to see you and excited for their images. They know your name. They know what we create for them. We get to see kids and families grow over time in our images.

Here we created a photobooth where we could turn the light to shoot two different areas – a ‘formal’ holiday tree and a ‘fun’ gold sparkle backdrop with props. It was a perfect setup right inside the front entry door into a beautiful lobby of a golf club. There was a pretty table in front of the entry door where we could display the prints in the folders for guests to pick up as they walked out. Really beautiful photobooth, worked out well, very happy clients.

Aren’t these beautiful images!? Awwwwww ~

St. Pete Bar Photobooth @ Vinoy Golf Club Snell Isle St. Petersburg

This was a grand room with a lot of space and a large party at the Vinoy Golf Club in St. Pete. For event projects like this that have a large party and request photobooth with printing and roaming images we call in a Photobooth Assistant. For this event we booked our preferred assistant Melissa.

This is an event where we know there are going to be Judges, current and former Presidents of the St. Pete Bar, lots of attorneys, and other clients that we work for. This is a formal suit and tie event. We work a lot of law sector events so we have a set of props in a law theme.

Quiet Professionals Photobooth @ Epicurean Hotel Tampa

This was a challenging photobooth. We rocked it!!!! When we arrived we discovered our photobooth area had a view of a parking garage, the outdoor concrete floor was not going to work for us, and lots of holiday trees. Hmmmmm what can we do here? It’s important to us that these images are exceptional. I arranged all the trees and styled it out with our red carpet with some fake snow to hide the bases, moved furniture around, got all the trees lit, enough plug and cords to run our equipment, and a silver sparkle backdrop to hide that parking garage!!!!!!! Turned out great. This project also included some roaming photographer time.

These clients and guests were shocked at what we produced for them. It’s so fun to see faces of guests when that print hits their hand, and it’s high quality image that makes them look so good. They’re at a party enjoying their evening but they almost are getting a free professional mini session with a print as a gift. Here our clients ordered branded frames to insert the print, and displayed the framed on a table by the entry door for pickup.

These guests looked SMASHING.

Brunch With Santa Photobooth @ The Founder’s Club Sarasota

And finally, we have reached our last photobooth for the holidays. This was another challenging project purely based on volume and timing. The Founder’s Club booked families 5 minute time slot sessions with us in advance. Five minutes isn’t a lot time at all when you have several kids, and often times grand parents with parents, families who are neighbors, lots of different combos that happen quickly. The kids are the priority here, then you move into the family. The kids most of the time want to talk to Santa. Toddlers have the hardest time with Santa. Those are usually fast. They don’t want to talk to Santa. They want to be held by mom and dad.

The Founder’s Club hired us for this event to produce a photobooth with 1 print in a folder of each child with Santa. Of course we printed a little more than that because it’s just the cutest to see kiddos and families with Santa. We love to see happy faces! For a project like this we also design print packages. The print packages display with the digital files on our image sharing platform for purchase. Some of our happy clients purchased a few prints or hi-res files from us. We love printing for our clients!

On to the next year!!!!!!!! Contact us for your next event photography project in Tampa Bay, or beyond!