Gabriella Baptism at Sacred Heart Catholic Church – Tampa, Florida

Parents Jasmine and Bobby were beaming with pride at their daughter Gabriella’s Baptism at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida. It was a blessed day. Baptism is one of the most significant days of a person’s life. It’s just as important as one’s birthdate, as it symbolizes the rebirth of the person into his/her new life. In the Catholic faith, baptism it is the first of seven sacraments – marriage is another one, and I love to photograph those as well. The proud parents had invited me to join them for Gabriella’s baptism ceremony, their daughter’s holy journey into the Catholic Faith, and I was honored to be there. Sacred Heart Catholic Church, built in 1905, is exactly what you would expect for a Catholic Church and I was excited to photograph rhere. Check out that church  After the ceremony the family headed over to Tampa’s Armature Works in the Theater Room for a luncheon together. That space is also beautiful!

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