Event Photography: Meet, Greet, and Fundraiser

For those who follow me on Facebook know that two weeks ago I did event photography for the Tom Ramsberger for Judge campaign stop at Pete & Shorty’s in Pinellas Park. You can see the image set here: Event Photography at Pete &  Shorty’s

Yesterday, I was welcomed back to provide photo coverage at his stop at Ferg’s Sports Bar and Grill in St. Petersburg. This was Ramsberger second fundraiser hosted at Ferg’s, as he had his kickoff party there last year. Mark Ferguson, the owner of Ferg’s, and his staff did a terrific job making sure the fundraising event ran smoothly.

Running for judge is like running for any other public office. You are on your feet constantly, spending long evenings, often after you just finished a standard workday. What makes campaigning easier is when your family and friends are with you every step of the way. Tom was lucky to have his top supporter, his wife Angela, with him tonight.

Event photography is something I enjoy, though sometimes challenging. Your work for the day isn’t to hand over random images, your job is to give a photo story to your client that tells them what happened that day. It has a beginning and a body that blends into the end. To excel in any type of event photography, the viewer needs to tell by the photos what type of an event it is. That is, a charity silent auction, an award banquet, a birthday party, or in this instance a fundraising event for your campaign. As this was the latter, it is important to photograph donor envelopes or attendees contributing to the campaign fund.

In addition to documentary style photography, proper lighting as in any type of photography is required, but this is a whole different discussion that I will leave for another blog post.

OK, enough of the chat, here are a small selection of photos. In total I gave more than 25 images from the event to Tom.


You can see the complete set here: Ferg’s Complete Set