Conference at hyatt regency sarasota

I had a great time working with the Quality Service Contractors team at Power Meeting 2022. The multiday conference was held at Hyatt Regency Sarasota. It was a blast especially the team building exercise at Lido Key Beach – more on that later.

With conference photography, you move around a lot, and you get your steps in. You also get to photograph in dark conference room when the lights get dimmed. This was my second multiday conference since Covid 19 and I am glad to be to photography these events again.

The conference consisted of a few sessions in the Great Hall and networking receptions held in another room. This was a great setup as it seperated the conference in two different sections of the host hotel. Oh – and a team building exercise at Lido Key Beach. Now, that was fun. It was a sand sculpture contest. The conference hired professional sand sculptor crew, The Sand Lovers. How awesome is that to have a career to play in the sand all day long and teach others your same skills.

Check out the photos!!!

More photos below from the Conference