Business Developments

It has been a great week for Kyle Fleming Photography. First, my Facebook page now has over 50 “likes” which is the first milestone that I wanted to reach when my page went live earlier this year.  So thank you to all who “liked” my page. More about Facebook is that it now allows business pages to utilize the “Timeline” feature, much like how you might have for your personal page. So over the weekend, I converted and designed my page to the new Timeline feature. This new feature has a “Cover Photo” that really showcases my brand. I like to think of the cover photo as a giant billboard showing the world my work. Please let me know if you like it.

Yesterday, in other business news, I had a blast learning some new photography skills by meeting with other photographers to enhance my photography skills. I love learning new skills which improves my ability to create better photographs for my clients. One of the skills I enhanced, is off-camera flash which has huge advantages as it creates interesting and dynamic lighting.  I can’t wait until I try out these new skills during my next photo session. Check out these photos I captured of Gianni, who came to the meet as a model.


Ohh – If you think any of your friends and family will enjoy rading my blog and my Facebook page, please suggest it to your friends. My next milestone I want to reach is 100 fans or “likes.” Sooner or later I’m sure I will be there.