Gone in 10 seconds!

It’s pretty fascinating how something can be changed in such a short amount of time. Photography helps to capture a moment in time, or in this case 50 years of a local landmark. When I heard that the power plant smokestacks were slated for demolition, I knew I had to get one of the last opportunities to capture this landmark. This is the picture that shows the Progress Energy Power Plant on Weedon Island for the last 50 years.


Earlier today in just a few seconds, 10 seconds to be exact, they were gone with the help of implosives. From now until mankind, or mother nature changes the landscape, this is what the view will be. What view do you prefer?

While we are on the topic of landscape history, here is the current view from Demens Landing in St. Pietersburg. How will this look in a few years? Time will tell.

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