Olympus Commercial Shoot at CAMLS

Olympus Corporation of the Americas invited me to photograph their 2 day intensive training course in Tampa, Florida at Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS). Olympus required photographs of a live medical education program taking place. The course featured a combination of didactic and hands-on presentations and they required imagery to convey the course to promote future programs.

It was an exciting day that was quite long and early with a 7:15 am call time. After I arrived the 50 fellows from around the world were in attendance to gain specialized training in their area of study. I thought it was pretty cool being in a room with 50 MDs and 10 physicians trainers who are top of their profession using the various pieces of medical equipment.

The photos Oympus required were a combination of wide and close up shots. Shooting for this I find that I took more photos than required as I wasn’t sure what photos would be needed.

Check out the photos below.