Stetson Law Barrister Ball at Nova 535 / St. Pete

It was a great event for Stetson Law’s Barrister Ball held at Historic NOVA 535 in downtown St. Pete. The themed of the event was Roaring 20’s. This is a late post as the ball was held in February 2020 right before the global Covid pandemic. This was one of the last events I photographed in 2020 and I am so glad I spent the evening with the law students. This was my 3rd time back as the photographer and photo booth working the Barrister Ball. Last events were held on the Yacht Star Ship and then the Tradewinds Resort Hotel. You can view the events here: Stetson Law Events by Kyle Fleming Photography

Live music was provided by Felix and Fingers, a dueling piano performance. Man they sure knew how to rock the historic venue. Brandon Parsons and Nate Rodriguez from the band kept the whole place jumping all night long. The law students loved it indeed. Between sets the house DJ provided all the music that was needed to keep the evening going.

Stetson Law finds me a great fit for their evening. As I provide roaming photography services and a photo booth, they only need to hire one photography vendor. This makes it great for them and it is totally arranged by law students.

Thank you Stetson Law¬†for having Kyle Fleming Photography back at your Barrister Ball and thank you Xina for your hard work this evening making this event spectacular. I can’t wait to hear about next year’s prom!

Check out these photos! The students sure love the law student themed photo props.