Rainna Celebrates her 5th Birthday Party

I love photographing people! Whether it’s family portraits, corporate or social events, engagements, baptisms, professional portraits, or children’s birthday parties, I take them all.

Kids birthday parties are a lot like weddings. Instead of following the bride and groom around all day, I follow the birthday boy or girl and capture the interactions between the guests. The big difference is kids move 10 times faster than grownups. I mean, it is very hard to get a child to sit still for you because of all the excitement, and all that sugar. By the time the shutter button is pressed they are gone!

This time I had the pleasure of shooting Rainna’s 5-year-old birthday party at Bongo Bounce in St. Petersburg. See why I told you that children don’t sit still especially at this party, it’s because they were too busy bouncing around. You may have guessed by the party invite that Rainna’s 5th Birthday party was princess themed.



Kyle Fleing Photogaphy_-_Bounce House

Rainna takes a breath and smiles for the camera!

 Rainna makes a wish!

Kyle Fleming Photography _-_ magic show child

A Children’s Birthday Party wouldn’t be complete without a magic show and balloons.


Kyle Fleming Photography_-_ friends