Portraits of Melissa in Ybor City Historic District

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of photographing Melissa with a local photography Meetup group. During this month’s meet we met in Ybor City Historic District. It was definitely a fun evening as it is always fun to be around others who share the passion for photography.

The group’s organizers made this meet a challenge by breaking us up in small groups then assigned a model to each group. It was  a difficult challenge with so many unknown variables including who my team would consist of. We were given about an hour to find a location within Ybor City and set up the lighting using off camera flash. The assignment was to create a photograph that tells a story. After we were satisfied with the photos we took, we went to our laptops and combed through the images and picked one to submit to the judges after we edited the photo.

It was a fun, fast paced challenge, and I am happy to announce that our group came in 2nd place out of the 11 groups!

Check out these photos.