Conference at hyatt regency sarasota

I had a great time working with the Quality Service Contractors team at Power Meeting 2022. The multiday conference was held at Hyatt Regency Sarasota. It was a blast especially the team building exercise at Lido Key Beach – more on that later.

With conference photography, you move around a lot, and you get your steps in. You also get to photograph in dark conference room when the lights get dimmed. This was my second multiday conference since Covid 19 and I am glad to be to photography these events again.

During the conference I was also asked to do “outdoor” headshots of their board members while they were in attendance at the conference. Doing headshots is something I am familiar with and have done on multiple occasions. The photos below were not outdoors but were taken in the conference room with floor to ceiling windows but they appear to be taken outsiide.

The conference consisted of a few sessions in the Great Hall and networking receptions held in another room. This was a great setup as it separated the conference in two different sections of the host hotel. Oh – and a team building exercise at Lido Key Beach. Now, that was fun. It was a sand sculpture contest. The conference hired professional sand sculptor crew, The Sand Lovers. How awesome is that to have a career to play in the sand all day long and teach others your same skills.

Check out the photos!!!

More photos below from the Conference